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Tack Bra or Punishment Bra

Items you need:

  • Old Bra
  • Leather or Duct Tape (Optional)


Insert bra full of thumb tacks (for mild torture) or upholstery tacks. Typically 50 to 75 tacks on each cup of bra

You can leave the nipple area if they are too sensitive. Feel free to customize and change number of tacks depending on size of your breast.

It should appear like this from outside [1] [2] and inside [1] [2]


Cut 4 bra cup sized circles from leather. Push tacks through one piece of leather. Once you have them through, use glue/tape other piece of leather over the backs of the tacks so they cannot be pushed back. This will form  nice padding and looks like this

Post tack bra images [1] [2]


Try out this torture bra and write to me about your experience.

For Master/Dom:

  • Gently squeeze her breasts while she is wearing this just to make her squirm
  • Ask her to wear it at home while doing daily chores
  • Take her for shopping. Randomly order her to get items from top and bottom shelves
  • Dance in a club and occasionally hug her
  • Order her to do Jumping jacks wearing this as her punishment
  • Have sex with tack bra ON

     Feel free to improvise it and share us your stories at

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She has a great time worshiping his cock and balls.

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